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Maximo: Army of Zin (PS2)

Maximo: Army of Zin (PS2)
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In Maximo vs. Army of Zin, eight months have passed since the original story and Maximo and Grim have searched in vain for Sophia. Their search is interrupted when they are attacked by a strange clockwork monster and realize it is being powered by the captured souls of the dead.
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 A more heroic hero - Maximo must focus not only on saving his own skin, but he must worry about the innocent and sometimes, not so innocent folk. Players will be faced with the choice of saving the innocents in exchange for reward. 

Pump him up with more attack moves and weapons - Maximo has over 30 cool combat motions and combos. Players will find that the character is simple to command and grows deeper as the player progresses allowing for new and expanded attacks. As the game continues, Maximo will gain powerful abilities, stronger armor and a variety of new weapons! 

Boxers that do more - Now the collectable boxer shorts have functionality. Unleash the power of ?Treasure seeker? underwear and the ?Boxers of burning vigor!? 

"Vanquish Bonus? system - By fighting faster, smarter and more furiously, players can earn greater rewards! 

Responsive movement - Overall control gives players a true combat feel. Maximo will react with precision as new attacks and moves are learned.