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Medal of Honor (Playstation)

Medal of Honor (Playstation)
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Medal of Honor is set in the middle of World War II. As a member of the Office of Strategic Services department, you're called upon to do your duty and help the Allies win the war. You'll have to infiltrate enemy bases, sabotage equipment, steal documents, and generally foil the Nazi's plans. Being an OSS agent doesn't only require you to be handy with a gun, as there will be times when you must go undercover, using forged papers and stolen Nazi uniforms to gain access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. To accomplish these task gamers get to use 12 authentic period weapons including the Tommy gun, potato masher grenades, and the powerful bazooka. However, since you are often sneaking around and utilizing your stealth abilities, Medal of Honor tends to feel more like an adventure game, rather then a straight ahead first-person shooter. The game has 30 3D levels and incredibly intelligent enemy AI, resulting in Medal of Honor being one of the best first-person shooters to ever appear on a console.
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price by david gray 07 Jan 2008
I just wanted to ask if the price of the game would go down after christmas so I don't have to get it for christmas and just wait till after cristmas to get it.



  • 30 different levels
  • 12 real weapons of varying power
  • enemies with advanced artificial intelligence
  • progress and statistical tracking
  • 3D rendered graphics