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Megaman X8 (PS2)

Megaman X8 (PS2)
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Mega Man X8 is a high speed action game which challenges players to jump and shoot their way through a variety of imaginative stages. The game stars Mega Man and his allies, Zero and Axl, in a new adventure packed with more features, depth and variety than the series has ever seen.


Three playable characters with varying strengths and special abilities. Mega Man X - Equipped with his trusty charge shot, Zero - A master of short range attacks with the ability to double jump and Axl - Armed with a spread shot weapon and hovering skills. 

Enhanced tag team action. Switch between two characters at any time to effectively defeat enemies. 

Rescue change - Standby character can provide backup support when the main character is caught in enemy clutches. 

Double attack - Attack enemies to fill up a special gauge and unleash a powerful two-player simultaneous attack! 

Recovery gauge - Health gauges for standby characters refill according to how well the main character performs in battle. 

Combo counter - Recovery items are only available when dropped by enemies; defeating multiple enemies in a row will increase the combo counter and the rate at which enemies drop these special items 

Three Navigator types - Pick a Navigator at the beginning of a stage; each offers a stage strategy, an enemy strategy or story supplements. 

Collect "metal" from defeated enemies - Use as building blocks for valuable power-up chips. 

Ability to use weapons obtained from defeated bosses. 

Multiple story endings and hidden items. 
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