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Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (Playstation)

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (Playstation)
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Slip into your sneaking suit, because Solid Snake is back in 300 all-new missions in METAL GEAR SOLID: VR Missions. You take Solid Snake through missions that call for you to sneak, shoot, and generally do all stuff that made METAL GEAR SOLID so much fun. Complete enough missions and you get to open up stages like Mystery mode, in which you must solve mysteries; Photographer, where you take snap shots of various characters in the game; or you can just play the game as the enigmatic Ninja character. Once you have beaten the game once, you can also elect to play in first-person mode, which puts things in a whole different perspective. In short, METAL GEAR SOLID: VR Missions is a METAL GEAR fan's dream.

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9th PUZZLE by The White 04 Jun 2008
I have only one desire!The Solution of the 9th PUZZLE!!!!I don't understand
how can i take the crystal after kill the soldiers!

i cnt get past the special mission by sandy 04 Jun 2008
i cnt get past the special mission were Snake has 2 get past the 2 guards (either side) and he has to shoot the glass sheets infront of him with the FA-MAS. HOW DO I DO IT?!



How do u beat level 9 by Game master 04 Jun 2008
How do u beat level 9 in puzzle mode?????if you tell me i will tell you how to beat the other level's

NEED HELP! by CommanerWolf 04 Jun 2008
I'v almost finished the game I'm stuck on one of the last puzzle missions where there is only 1 gard and 2 surveyelence cameras, I'm only armed with 3 C4 bombs.
I cant get past this one, I'm absolutly stumped, If someone could please help me out, I would be very thankfull. :)


if anyone knows any non gameshark cheats by Jay Jay 04 Jun 2008
THis game is hard if anyone knows any non gameshark cheats for this game please send them to me...thanks