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Mortal Kombat II (SNES)

Mortal Kombat II (SNES)
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The game that rocked the world and changed arcade-style fighting forever returns in all its splendor. Choose from eight unique characters (some familiar faces have returned from the original, but a few new combatants make for spiced-up action), as you try to pummel your computer-controlled opponents to death. Each character has special moves that only he or she can pull off, making the game full of plenty of surprises...and blood. As with the original, whichever character wins the battle gets the opportunity to complete a Fatality, which is every bit as violent as it sounds. There's a reason that this game was so overwhelmingly popular, and the cold-blooded, hand-to-hand combat is as fun today as it was when it first came out.

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Killer Game!! Mortal Kombat 2 by Leo 04 Jan 2009
More blood, more gore, more level of kombat

There had always being controversies that surrounds Mortal Kombat back in the early 90s simply because of the high level of violence and sheer number of blood and gore features in the game and because of that when the game hits console territories not everything from its arcade original make the cut. That's what happen to the first MK when it hits the Super NES, blood were turn to sweat and all the blood dripping fatalities are tone down to a minimum, despite the arcade comparable graphics and superior music and sound, the port wasn't a smash hit like many MK fans want it to be. Then a few years later, Mortal Kombat II hits arcade and like the prequel, it too also earn its place in history as the best of the franchise and the main reason for the existence of the ESRB. Unlike the first entry; however, Mortal Kombat II for the Super NES had a totally different impact on many loyal MK fans mind.


  • The game includes eight original and new characters
  • Unique settings
  • Cool special moves
  • Vicious Fatalities