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Mortal Kombat 4 (N64)

Mortal Kombat 4 (N64)
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The fight for your life is on! Enter the realm of Mortal Kombat. You are in a fight to save Earth from the deadly hands of Shinnok, and to save your own skin too! You must fight your way through a score of other fighters and then face Shinnok himself in a deadly battle that will decide who is the supreme champion of Mortal Kombat. Choose from 15 characters, including the legendary Liu Kang and the mighty Scorpion, each with their own special moves and fatalities and weapons. Fight in several locations in 3D, with interactive backgrounds, which can be used against your enemies. Move in 3D to dodge projectiles and enemy attacks. Choose to fight through the Single Player mode and defeat Shinnok, complete with several difficulties and unique endings for each character. Take on a friend in the Two-Player Battle mode or see how long you can last in the Endurance mode.

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Cheat Codes
by Frank A. Waszut 18 Feb 2014


To go to the cheat menu do the following:
Go to the options menu and and put the cursor on continues and hold
blk+run. Hold it until you hear a voice say outstanding. you will be
taken to a menu where you can turn on fatalities 1&2, stage
fatalities(so when the words Finish Him come on all you have to do is
down and press high punch), and Endings(the games shows the ending after
the first match).