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Mortal Kombat Special Forces (PSX)

Mortal Kombat Special Forces (PSX)
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Kano is on the run again, and this time he has entered another dimension. Seeking revenge, Special Forces officer Jax goes after him. Unfortunately, he is caught in the middle of the Mortal Kombat Competition. You must guide Jax as he fights through demons in an attempt to locate Kano and extract his vengeance. Luckily, Jax has quite a few fighting moves to take on the enemies, even when more than one attacks him at once. But if there are too many enemies, Jax can use one of his many combos or even a special move to take care of business. When he takes out enough adversaries, he will gain new combinations and moves. In Mortal Kombat Special Forces you'll discover more about the relationship between Kano and Jax and get the chance to show off your fighting skills.
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  • Features continues one of the Mortal Kombat plots
  • use combinations to gain energy
  • special moves to destroy enemies
  • 3D graphics
  • Dual Shock support.