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Neo Geo Pocket System

Neo Geo Pocket System
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Neo Geo Pocket by David Pugh from North Carolina United States
21 Aug 2015
It came as a big surprise to many when SNK decided to enter the handheld market; despite their arcade pedigree, their only previous endeavour into the home market was with the hugely expensive home version of their Neo Geo arcade hardware. We should probably mention first that there were two revisions of this system: the original monochrome version lasted less than a year before being succeeded by the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The NGPC could play all the existing games as well as portable colour versions of popular SNK franchises like Fatal Fury, Bust-A-Move, King Of Fighters, Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown. It also received very nice handheld versions of both Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog. The arrival of the Game Boy Advance sadly killed off the SNK machine, which is a great shame as not only was it very capable hardware but also had the most amazing mini-thumbstick.