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NFL Head Coach (PS2)
Name: NFL Head Coach (PS2)
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  •   NFL Head Coach (PS2)
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      NFL Head Coach (PS2)
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    Take control of an NFL team and manage every aspect of it in EA Sports? NFL HEAD COACH for the Ps2. This management simulation game gives players complete control over their team, many official NFL teams, players, and stadiums, and just about every option a head coach has. The career mode in NFL HEAD COACH is the main game mode. Here, players create their own coach who, after being a coordinator for a Super Bowl-winning team, is given the chance to become a head coach. Once gamers create their character from among the many different options, they select their favorite team and get to work. Players manage everything, including off-season play, the Super Bowl, signing players, schedule practices, talk to players about strategy, and even yelling at a player who made an incredible fumble. Each of these actions has many different options, and players will need to learn which options to use at the appropriate time. Practicing, for example, can help build up characters? abilities, but he will only keep these higher stats if he practices regularly. The game also includes a quick play mode and an online mode, which allows players to pit their coaching strategy against gamers from all over the internet. Gameplay look incredibly impressive, with the game utilizing the same game engine as the MADDEN series of football games. Players who love football and have always dreamed of calling all the shots will love NFL HEAD COACH. The game truly puts players in charge.

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    Build your team through drafts, trades and free agency

    Develop and refine your own playbook and strategies

    Motivate players during practice and games to maximize their success

    Oversee a full staff of assistants and coordinators to help you run the team

    Scout each opponent and devise special gameplans for every game

    Call all the shots, from preseason training camp, practices and games

    Instill a winning attitude that will make your team a champion and make you a Hall Of Fame head coach.