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NFL Quarterback Club '98 (N64)

NFL Quarterback Club '98 (N64)
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Get pumped up for hard-hitting NFL action with this detailed football simulation from Iguana. The same folks that brought you TUROK have turned their attentions to the gridiron and have brought great graphics, realistic action, and lots of options to the sport. With full licenses from the NFL and its athletes, the game has all of the teams and players, plus perfect replications of logos and stadiums. You can play an individual game or a full season, in which your stats will be kept in nine different categories. Whichever mode you're playing in, day-of-game variables include weather, injuries, and penalties, and you can even select from six different camera angles while playing. There's also a Historical mode that lets you tap into classic games of yesteryear. If all that's not enough to keep you going, you can actually design your own players to throw into the fray! Just to assure that the artificial intelligence was high and the game play realistic, the developers coaxed Brett Favre into designing some of the plays and advising them on the finer points of the sport. Well, it worked.
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Cheat Codes 
Enter these codes on the CHEATS menu. 
Code Effect 
bbmntbl Tall and skinny players 
glythmd Goliath mode 
rnldswzngr Slow runningback 
smlmdgt Midget mode 
jpnsmwr Short and flat players 
mchljnsn Faster players 
wltrpytn Stronger runningbacks 
bgbfyff Stronger receivers 
dwndrv Improved secondary 
gtnhnds Fumble mode 
sprslyd Slippery field 
styckyhnds Players always catch the ball