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NFL Quarterback Club '99 (N64)

NFL Quarterback Club '99 (N64)
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Hard-hitting NFL simulation returns with this detailed football extravaganza from Iguana. The same folks that brought you Turok and NFL Quarterback Club '98 have returned to the gridiron, and have brought with them improved graphics, artificial intelligence, and play options. With full licenses from the NFL and its athletes, the game has all 31 NFL teams and 1500 players, plus perfect replication of logos and stadiums. As was the case with the '98 installment, you can play an individual game or a full season, but this version actually lets your players develop their skills over the course of the whole year. There's even a historical mode that allows you to tap into classic games of yesteryear, featuring teams that date back to 1967. The addition of six NFL Europe teams mixes things up as well. Iguana has tossed in some surprise stadiums (the Rose Bowl and Aloha Stadium among them ), and included 250 new player animations. ESPN's Mike Patrick and Randy Cross are in the booth, and Brett Favre has returned to add his insight into the development of the game play. If you like the NFL and you like video games, you just can't go wrong with NFL Quarterback Club '99.

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Cheat Codes 
Enter these codes in the game's CHEAT menu.

     MRSHMLLW -- Fat Players 
     HSPTL -- Injury Prone Players 
     RLSTN -- Opponents team scores 0 
     SHUTOUT -- Starts the game with 12 points 

Hidden Character 
To play as the character "The Good Mr." simply press C Up, C Down, C Left, C Left C Right, C Left, C Up. At the main 
menu, "The Good Mr." Can be found on the Dallas Cowboys just under Emmitt Smith.

Super Turbo Mode 
For a faster game, enter SPRTRBMD in the game's Cheats menu. Your players will run faster in the game when you press A.