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NHL 2K7 (360)

NHL 2K7 (360)
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2K Sports brings hockey fans the next installment of their NHL hockey series with NHL 2K7 for the Xbox 360. This entry includes a new control scheme and updated graphics and a new presentation system that will have hockey fans ecstatic. The biggest addition to the game is the new pressure control system. Gamers can have their teammates pressure an opponent by holding down the left bumper control and pressing the analog stuck. A quick tap orders a light press, while tapping the bumper more times initiations a stronger press. NHL 2K7 includes every mode from the previous game, including franchise mode, practice mode, quick game, multiplayer mode, and more. The rivalry system plays a larger part in the game and gives players more bonuses depending on how players play. Another addition is the opportunity knocks feature. This involves the gamer getting calls from the team owner that can lead to stat increases or other bonuses for specific players. The game also includes a great new camera angle and many new presentation features. The new view is more panoramic and more angled than traditional hockey games, making the player feel like they're right on the ice with their team. The Xbox 360 graphics are, of course, absolutely outstanding. Hockey fans who love video games will fall in love with NHL 2K7. The game includes all of the great features from previous games in the series while adding new graphics, new tweaks, and an updated player roster.
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  • New pressure controls
  • Updated graphics and new camera angles
  • Updated team roster
  • New rivalry system.