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Nightmare Creatures (Playstation)

Nightmare Creatures (Playstation)
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Bathed in darkness, & with a decidedly eerie atmosphere permutating into many morbid manifestations, the player is brought into a horror world of gore & mysticism. The scenery is gloriously Gothic, covered in shadow... with many lurking abominations therein.

You have the choice of being one of two characters: "Father Ignacius Blackward, a man of God combatting Evil", or "Nadia F., a Microbiologist." The latter character, who's father was murdered mysteriously, probably as a plan of "The Brotherhood of Hecate", a mysterious Dark order dedicated to dominating the earth using these mutant monsters. They are led by "Adam Crowley", former "legitimate" scientist who now masterminds the secret Brotherhood of Hecate. Unfortunately, their bodies were immolated in the Fire of 1666. Crowley only desired to create a race of "Supermen" {...can you say Ubermenschten?}; but things didn't quite go as planned. Still, this was still a great opportunity to realize their plans anyway.

The plot is basically based around their Grimoire, which was written by "Pepys", a mystic Black Magic Magician. The Legend is quite intriguing, & quite ingenious, actually.

Werewolves, fire-spewing Demons, Spider-like creatures, Zombies, & knife-wielding "faceless men" are only some of the inhabitants of this truly nightmarish dimension.

Nightmare Creatures presents a forboding challenge for all those who wish to enjoy a bit of Eustress, in this descent into a veritable Hell.
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