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NSYNC Get to the Show (Gameboy Color)

NSYNC Get to the Show (Gameboy Color)
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With such notable worldwide popularity, it was only a matter of time before the boys of NSYNC got their own handheld video game. Join JC, Justin, Chris, Joey, and Lance in the most daring adventure the group has ever embarked upon, helping them get to the show before curtain time. Of course, life is never easy for these highly sought-after recording artists, so you'll have to help them with such challenges as making snacks and running errands in a stretch limousine. If you can accomplish these feats, you might even get to help the band warm up for their big show with a friendly game of hackey-sack! Packed with challenges and dangerous distractions, the game's real appeal is its goofball spirit and dedication to the band itself. Each of the group's members' distinct personality shines through, making this an awesome title for anyone who likes NSYNC. They might not be the most likely of video game Heroes, but have you ever seen a more handsome bunch of characters?
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