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Pen Pen Tricelon (Dreamcast)

Pen Pen Tricelon (Dreamcast)
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Graphically speaking, the game isvery impressive. Pen Pen is truly the first Dreamcast title which appears to showcase the graphical power of the Dreamcast while utilizing many of the system's graphical effects. For example, you'll see a graphical feast of various weathering and lighting effects strewn throughout the game's courses. Speaking of the courses, each one is meticulously detailed and adorned with a healthy dosage of color. I was personally surprised by the sheer size of the objects which are incorporated into the individual courses. From the underwater dinosaur, to the spooky haunted house, Pen Pen rivals even the most impressive racing titles to their core graphically. Altogether the characters are a diverse group ranging from a dog to a shark. The designs are impressive, although somewhat bland compared to the backgrounds. 


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