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PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor

PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor
Reach out and crush your opponents. Or cross-check, smash, tackle, leg-sweep or ollie over them even if they're in another time zone. With the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem) for PlayStation 2, just about anything is possible. Like downloading new rosters, stadiums or characters. Trash-talking opponents you've never met. Or better yet, starting your very own east coast-west coast sports rivalry. All against live competition, so no two games are ever alike.

What you get:

The Network Adaptor, which offers both dial-up and broadband connectivity.

What you need to connect:

A PlayStation 2, an 8MB PS2 Memory Card with at least 137k of space, dial-up or broadband Internet connection and the Network Adaptor Start-Up Disc to create ISP settings.

How it all Works:

The Network Adaptor easily connects to the PS2 by lining up the Network Adaptor connectors to the Expansion Bay located at the rear of the PS2. Gently tighten the mounting screws using a coin, and you're on your way!

Once your hardware is set up, the Network Adaptor Start-Up Disc must be inserted in order to set up your ISP network configuration data to connect to the Internet. Simply go through the ISP Setup process located on the Main Menu of the Start-Up Disc. You will need an 8MB Memory Card for PS2 with at least 137kb of free space. Please note your network configuration data will be saved onto this Memory Card. The ISP network configuration saved to the Memory Card will only work on the particular PlayStation 2 system you used for the initial ISP setup. Network configuration data is not transferable from system to system.
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