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Pokemon Fire Red (GBA)

Pokemon Fire Red (GBA)
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September 9 will change everything. Pokemon technology will make its next quantum leap. We've seen the future, and it's all about Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. The new games are set in Kanto, the region where Pokemon first took root and exploded into a major phenomenon, and the latest titles stuff in tons of exciting new features. One thing's for certain: when Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green get into Trainers' hands, Pokemon fans stand to become the coolest, most connected gaming community in the world.

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Cut the cords! The newest Pok'mon adventure lets players battle, trade, collect and more, all without the need for connecting cables. Players simply attach the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, which comes bundled with both versions, to their Game Boy Advance systems and communicate directly with one another. When visiting a special area (the Union Room), connected players appear directly on one another's screens. 

Pokemon chit-chat! Players who gather in a Union Room can send text messages directly to each other. Up to 40 people can share the environment and up to five people can buddy up at once to join a chat session. Trainers can select pre-set messages to send, or type in messages of their own creation. They can also exchange game challenges, talk battle strategy or just shoot the breeze. 

More than 100 Pokemon are out there for players to discover. Pokemon Fire Red and Pok'mon Leaf Green are compatible with Pok'mon Ruby, Pok'mon Sapphire and Pokemon Colosseum. Pok'mon fans can access, trade and battle the Pok'mon from their favorite games -- all in one place. 

Experience expanded game play with new adventures, new challenges to face and new territory to explore.