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Punch-Out (NES)

Punch-Out (NES)
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Back before there was Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for the NES or Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES, there was the game that started it all, Punch-Out!!, the 1984 classic coin-op boxing game by Nintendo of America.
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i wanted to upload my times by hannesheimer 05 Jun 2008
i wanted to upload my times onto ur forum, but it didnt work, so maybe u could do this for me ??
Yo! I think that it will very hard to beat MY records !!! I cant prove to you, but I really did them on my own !!! I never fought more than 46 seconds, but I really didnt get the tactic of Hoy Quarlow. And my tip with Narcis is much better: U can do counterpunchs (u can hit him after 3 seconds in the face !!!). Just watch the intro (do nothing while the title) and see, how to fight real !!!

Gabby Jay: 7´02
Bear Hugger: 24´50
Piston Hurricane: 6´90
Bald Bull: 11´31

Bob Charlie: 14´94
Dragon Chan: 13´59
Masked Muscle: 15´07
Mr. Sandman: 19´01

Aran Ryan: 16´51
Heike Kagero: 17´84
Mad Clown: 29´49
Super Machoman: 24´25

Narcis Prince: 22´92
Hoy Quarlow: 46´55
Rick Bruiser: 19´57
Nick Bruiser: 28´26

Prepare For a Knockout by Evander 02 May 2007
Boxing has never been a popular sport for any gaming system. Many developers have trouble establishing a system that keeps the user entertained, while providing a challenging game. Punch-Out is one of the best boxing games to ever exist on any console. It features an easy-to-use control system, plenty of opponents to face, and best of all, is fun to play. Originally, Nintendo created a game called Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, which was in a sense, the version that everyone played. It featured Mike Tyson as the final boss, and was the first true successful boxing game for any system. Punch-Out featuring Mr. Dream was actually a re-release of the game, but renamed as a Classic Series game. Mike Tyson was taken out of the game due to some legal issues, and Nintendo was looking for a new way to reap a profit. While their formula failed, Punch-Out is still the same boxing game, just without Mike Tyson.