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Quake 3 (Dreamcast)

Quake 3 (Dreamcast)
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Quake 3 Arena is one of the heirs of Doom, the first-person shooter that defined the genre. This version is based on the PC sequel that evolved from the single-player adventures of its predecessors into a network-based gaming experience. And since it is compatible with that PC version, it marks the first time players of any console can compete with--or against--the thousands of PC competitors online (PC users must download special Dreamcast-compatible maps to play). This version features 26 levels of maps and 24 warriors to slaughter with shotguns, lightning and plasma guns, and rocket launchers.
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Buy This Game by Vitamin K 18 May 2008
Quake III is not just a fun game, but also a fantastic experience. The graphics and sound are first rate. It may take a little while to become accustomed to the controls, but with a slight amount of patience it's not a problem. It has been suggested that the DC mouse is necessary. Unless you plan on winning some ridiculous online tournament, don't waste your money.

Stop thinking and purchase this game immediately. You won't be disappointed.