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Rainbow Six (N64)

Rainbow Six (N64)
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Combining the best elements of action and strategy games, Rainbow Six is as tense as they come. Choose your character directly from the Tom Clancy thriller that inspired the game, then put your thinking cap on, because you're going to have to plan out this entire mission on your own. Venture into the dens of terrorists, diffuse bombs, and free hostages, as top-notch military strategy is of utmost importance. Details are the name of the game here, you start with a map of the level, set your waypoints and operative strategies, select gear, and more. Once you've set all of these things up, your team will actually execute the orders you've registered, whether you're with them or not; if you're storming into a building, your fellow Rainbows might be picking off snipers or setting a bomb. The graphics are smooth and consistent, the music is intense, and with 12 missions, the game lasts a long, long time. In the tradition of GOLDENEYE, the action takes place from a first-person perspective, and you can choose a Quick-Start option that skips over the strategizing and lets you get right into the fray. There's even a Two-Player mode that puts you and your friend on the same team!
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