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Rampage 2 (N64)

Rampage 2 (N64)
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Apparently Scumlabs International just doesn't learn. With its original three nemeses in custody, the evil corporation has accidentally created three monsters in their places, each with its own special move. Choose between Boris (a mighty rhino with a sharp horn), Curtis (a speedy mouse), and Ruby (a strong and agile lobster), as you roam the planet in search of the original three monsters. Kicking and stomping your way across the globe, you'll come across civilians, police, armies, and more in each of the 125 distinct environments. Once you clear about 75 levels, you'll unlock your old friends, George, Lizzy, and Ralph, only to meet yet another obstacle: alien invasion! Actually the third installment in this popular series, RAMPAGE 2: Universal Tour offers the same style of gameplay as its predecessors. New characters, a new story, and improved graphics, however, set it apart. The N64 version supports up to three players.

Play as Alternate Alien
To play as the alternate alien with an unpronouncable name, enter the password: B1G4L

This should give you a purple form of Myukus that has all of his moves and favorite foods and also perfect stats.

Play as George
To access George, enter the password SM14N.

Play as Lizzy
To access Lizzy, enter the password S4VRS.

Play as Myukus
At the password screen type in N0T3T. In the code there is a zero and not the letter O.

Play as Ralph
To access Ralph, enter the password LVPVS.

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