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Ready 2 Rumble (Dreamcast)

Ready 2 Rumble (Dreamcast)
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Let's get ready to rumble! Get in the ring with Ready 2 Rumble, featuring awesome graphics for over-the-top realistic action. Stylized boxers with customized moves can talk, sweat, bruise and bleed to bring the Ready 2 Rumble ring to life. 

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is the ultimate boxing experience, giving you the ability to pull off an unlimited number of punch combinations using realistic and over-the-top boxing styles. So step into the ring as Michael Buffer announces "Let's get ready to rumble!" and try your hand at becoming the undisputed champion.  Arcade Mode allows for one-hit super punches and killer combos. If you want to go for the title, you take on the role of boxer and manager. You can buy training equipment and sign different boxers in the championship mode.  Once you select your boxer, you can train for speed, power, stamina, and durability. You also get real-time updates on other fights while you are in the ring. The famous voice of Michael Buffer
will get you in the mood to fight before each boxing event. 
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Great game, brings boxing back to video games. by tyson 21 May 2007
I just got a Dreamcast for my b-day a few days ago and this was the first game I picked up. It seemed like a fun game especially since I love boxing games and haven't seen a great one since Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Anyway, on to the review

The game has great gameplay, but is quite easy. 2 player mode is awesome and makes this a great party game. Championship mode is a mode where you make your own gym and try raising every boxer to the championship. Also fun, but as their attributes get higher, the game gets too easy.

Step into the ring as 20 different boxers.

Each boxer is hyper realistic with an unlimited number of punch combinations for both realistic and over-the-top boxing styles.

Compete in arcade-style mode, contending for a championship belt, or play head-to-head.

Use the gym to train and build up power, speed, stamina, punches and durability.