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Resident Evil 2 (N64)
Name: Resident Evil 2 (N64)
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  • Description

    Get ready to live out your worst nightmares in this gorefest sequel to RESIDENT EVIL. A short while after the original blight of zombies, Leon Kennedy and Clare Redfield return to Raccoon City to find that a mutagenic virus has broken loose, and the entire town has become infested. The community has once again given way to countless blood-sucking zombies...and that's just the beginning of the gruesome story. Play as either Leon or Clare in two separate adventures, each containing hidden items and vital information that unlocks secrets of the RESIDENT EVIL series. RESIDENT EVIL 2 has some of the best story lines and setups gaming has ever seen. The two different plots create a truly epic adventure that's as intriguing as it is addicting. The high-resolution graphics (it has a 512-megabit game pack), full-motion video, and seemingly infinite world make it one of the most remarkable achievements for the Nintendo 64, while the surprises, terrors, and unprecedented bloodshed will have you lying awake with the lights on.

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    by L-C 07 Jan 2008

    I Would like to know how to move the statues in the police departement

    Hunk Mission Easy
    by nathan 27 Mar 2007

    Hunk mission Easy At Load Game screen press Up, Down, Left, Right Left, Left, Right, Right, L, R, Top C, Right, C, Bottom, C, Left C.

    Change Costumes 

    To change Leon's or Clair's costumes, choose "normal" skill level, start the game, go to the Racoon PD 
    gate (right after the bus.)


    After the gate, go down the stairs that you see in front of you, and you'll see a yellow vested zombie that wasn't there before: pop a couple bullets in him and when he falls down, go up to him and pop a couple more into him. Reach down after he's dead and you'll receive a "special key". Bring the Key to the dark room and use the key to open the police locker.

    Easy Crocodile Kill 

    When fighting the crocodile, and he starts coming towards you, go and inspect the yellow light on the left wall. The a gas canister will fall down and the crocodile will eat it. Now while the canister is in its mouth, shoot it and the crocodile will explode.

    Gatling Gun with Infinite Ammo 

    Complete either character's second scenario without saving the game in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking for the special gatling gun. The special weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened

    How to defeat William (first time) easily 

    You encounter William twice in the game, and face 3 of his stages. You face him in his second when you are going to the lab, you need heavy guns, Claire should use the grenade launcher (loaded with acid and flame rounds of course), because the spark shot has too much recoil and a limited range, so you'll end up using more health items than needed, and Leon should use his Custom shotgun and a little magnum wouldn't hurt, though you really don't want to use more than a clip. put distance between you and William so you can plug him from a safe distance, and stay to a side of the walkway, so if he gets close, you have a change to juke him and run along the other side, repeat as necessary. (Leon can even use his Custom handgun, if you found the parts, on automatic)

    How to defeat William (last fight) easily 

    In Scenario A, you face William again at the room where you call the large elevator. If Claire found it, use the
    submachine gun and he's as easy as pie, when he transforms, whip out that grenade launcher and put some grenade rounds right into that big mouth of his, for Leon, use that flamethrower, or if you decided to take it, the submachine gun for the first round, when he transforms, finish off the flameshrower on him and use that Custom Magnum if you got it, otherwise the regular magnum or upgraded shotgun work well, but he bounces around a lot, so make sure you bring plenty of health items, and when he goes into his transformed stage, he can hop up on the tops of those tanks, when he does, run around, so he doesn't smack you when he jumps off.

    Hunk Minigame 

    Finish Leon or Claire`s scenario A in Normal, under 2 1/2 hours, saving less then 5 times, getting A or B rank. Save so you will get the R. Launcher, then, using the saved game, finish the B Scenario in less then 2 1/2 hours, saving less then 5 times, getting A or B rank and you wil get the S. M. Gun, then it will ask you to save again so you can play a Minigame, save that, go to Load Game and look for a saved game called "Hunk/00/4th Survivor".


    At the load game screen, press Down(4), Left(4), L, R(2), L, C-Up, C-Down. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu.

    Machine Gun with Infinite Ammo 

    Complete either character's second scenario without saving the game in under 3 hours with a A or B ranking for the special machine gun. The special weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.

    Picture of The S.T.A.R.S Team 

    In the room on the second floor in the racoon police department there is a desk on the far end of the room. The desk is by a bunce of badges. Over where the bookshelf is, there is a little portrait. Click on the picture and you will see the whole S.T.A.R.S team.

    Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo 

    Beat scenario A on NORMAL difficulty with either Leon or Claire in under 2 1/2 hours with an "B" ranking or better. After you accomplish that, save your game and the zombie destroyer will be located in your storage box.

    Safe Combo 

    Type in 4542 or 3326 to open the safe. You get some ammo and a map

    Secret Film

    To get the secret film, go to the S.T.A.R.S office room, (second floor of the Police building) and check the desk on the left side of the room next to the picture that shows the team and check the same spot on the desk 50 times. Then BOOM! a secret film will pop up, it's a picture of Rebecca from the S.T.A.R.S team.

    Shoot the Television Screen 

    When your shooting a zombie (typically in the police station), try to get a view where your character is facing the screen. Then move to an angle away from the zombie coming towards you. If you did it right, there will be bullet holes in the screen.

    Super Stamina 

    For limited invulnerability, mix the green, blue and red herbs in that order. You MUST mix the herbs in that order, or they will not work. Green and Blue MUST be mixed together first, then you add the red herb.

    Unlimited Ammo 

    At the load game screen enter,up(4),right(4),L,R,L,R,right-c,left-c.It will return to the title screen if code is entered correctly.