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Resident Evil (Nintendo Gamecube)

Resident Evil (Nintendo Gamecube)
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Resident Evil players control Alpha Team member Chris Redfield, the slacker pilot and sharpshooter or Jill Valentine, the tough demolitions expert of S.T.A.R.S. As they embark upon a horrific quest through a dark and mysterious mansion filled with the unimaginable the walking dead a number of useable weapons aid them in their quest.

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* Unmatched visuals - Resident Evil visuals surpass any game ever created on any system. Players will see that simple things like the spinning of a fan blade are shown with tremendous detail in both light sourcing and shadow effects. The number of character polygons far exceeds current standards. 

* Fully updated combat system - Resident Evil allows players to not only attack with a gun, but use other items as weapons or for protection. There will be moments in the game when players must make split-second decisions in order to survive. Players will be forced to either use their gun or an item in the area as a way to survive. 

* New stages! - Resident Evil will include new areas to explore to further the visual appeal and add new story items to the overall plot. 

* Rendered opening movie - Resident Evil for the GameCube will feature a fully rendered opening sequence. 

* An entirely new gameplay experience spanning 2 discs!

 An entire arsenal can be claimed throughout the adventure including, bazookas, shotguns, pistols, knives, matches, medicine, and maps. All of these items are an absolute necessity as the house is alive with acid-spitting zombies, giant spiders, horrid frog-like creatures, mutant dogs and a host of other tricks and traps guaranteed to evoke fear and an unwavering desire to finish the game.