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Ridge Racer 4 (Playstation)
Name: Ridge Racer 4 (Playstation)
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  • Description
    It is speed incarnate. Its sexy sheet metal restrains a 3000 CC power plant that hits 0-190 MPH in a snap of a linguini. It is the Bisonrte - just one of the automotive marvels that scorch the streets in Ridge Racer Type 4. With over 300 new cars 45 fantastic models 8 thrilling courses a 2-player split-screen mode there is only one way to R4's asphalt gulping graphics and spectacular racing environments deliver racing speeds that were once deemed impossible.

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    Great game
    by andy 21 May 2008

    Great game, i originally bought this game when it 1st came out and got bored of trying to get 321 cars. So i sold it on, but i became to miss it so much i just had to buy it again. The intro is one of my favourite rendered intros ever, it is stunning and Reigo Nakasaki is delicous, god i wish she was real, anyway if you have any doubts dont bother just buy it cos ull pick it up for about a £5 in most shops!