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Sega Master System - Video Game Console
Name: Sega Master System Video Game Console
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Manufacturer Name: Sega
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  • Description
    Complete system with, one controller, AC adaptor, and RF unit.

    The Sega Master System (SMS for short) is an 8-bit cartridge-based gaming console that was manufactured by Sega. Its original Japanese incarnation was the SG-1000 Mark III. In the European market, this console launched Sega onto a competitive level comparable to Nintendo, due to its wider availability, but failed to put a dent in the North American and Japanese markets. The Master System was released as a direct competitor to the NES/Famicom. The system ultimately failed to topple its Nintendo competitor, but has enjoyed over a decade of life in secondary markets, especially Brazil.

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    years later I'm still having fun.
    by Mathieu 05 Jun 2008

    I was playing with my SMS when I was 12, and I found it back 2 months ago. 15 years later I'm still having fun.

    The master system is the only system that I know that you can use a pair of 3D glasses to play games! The 3D effect is very good, even for this 21st century!
    Never I will sell those glasses. Never!

    for anyone with a master system
    by Derek Whelan 05 Jun 2008

    for anyone with a master system, but messed up controllers, use sega genesis controllers, they work ust as well, (but don't expect the start button to work on the controller, you still have to press the pause button on the console to pause the game).

    video clip
    by armagan 05 Jun 2008

    I was wondered If you can include the video clip of this in your site.

    Sega Master System
    by Jaymee 22 Mar 2007

    Recently, just for fun, I purchased an old NES system and began collecting games. Unfortunately, I'm still on the hunt for an original tetris, but that's what makes it fun. A few weeks ago, though, I was in the basement and I found the Sega Master System, and with a little more searching, I was able to find a controller, and a mess of old hook-up wires. The Sega Master System wires weren't there, but I used a few nintendo and Sega Genesis hook-ups to get the system started, and it now it works like magic! I came to here to find out the code for the maze game, as I forgot it years ago. I didn't realize that there were two models of this system created. Apparently, I have the first. But I wanted to know if there are any distinguishing features on each model so I can tell the difference?

    by mrperfect from Albania
    26 Aug 2006

    i dont know much about master system except i liked playing it better than nes at the local highland in 1985 i loved the game blackbelt it was lightyears better than nes kungfu also sega had the arcade perfect 2 player version of double dragon were nes version was 1 player

  • CPU: 8-bit Zilog Z80A
    • 3.54 MHz for PAL/SECAM, 3.57 MHz for NTSC
  • Graphics: VDP (Video Display Processor) derived from Texas Instruments TMS9918
    • Up to 32 simultaneous colors available (16 for sprites, 16 for background) from a palette of 64 (can also show 64 simultaneous colors using programming tricks)
    • Screen resolutions 256?192 and 256?224. PAL/SECAM also supports 256?240
    • 8?8 pixel characters, max 488 (due to VRAM space limitation)
    • 8?8 or 8?16 pixel sprites, max 64
    • Horizontal, diagonal, vertical, and partial screen scrolling
  • Sound (PSG): Texas Instruments SN76489
    • 4 channel mono sound
    • 3 sound generators, 4 octaves each, 1 white noise generator
  • Sound (FM): Yamaha YM2413
    • 9 channel mono FM sound
    • built into Japanese Master System (Sega Mark III)
    • supported by certain games only
  • ROM: 64 kbit (8 kB) to 2048 kbit (256 kB), depending on built-in game
  • Main RAM: 64 kbit (8 kB)
  • Video RAM: 128 kbit (16 kB)
  • Game Card slot (not available in the Master System II)
  • Game Cartridge slot
    • Japanese and South Korean consoles use 44-pin cartridges, same shape as Mark I and Mark II
    • All other consoles use 50-pin cartridges with a different shape
    • The difference in cartridge style is a form of regional lockout
    • Cartridge Pinout
  • Expansion slot