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Skitchin (Genesis)

Skitchin (Genesis)
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Grab weapons to beat back your opponents. Race from city to city to earn money. Buy better skates, weapons, and protection with your winnings. This game is clearly derived both in technology and in design from the hit Road Rash series, and was released during the great rollerblading boom of the early-to-mid nineties.
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Skitchin Rocks by Skitchin 26 Oct 2007
Those of you who haven't played this... remember the old Road Rash games? Those same people made Skitchin', and it shows. It's very similar, but with a crucial difference: the control is soooo much better, because you are only going the speed of a rollerblader. A rollerblader that has crowbars, chains, baseball bats, metal pipes, whips, cattle prods and of course, some nO2 to speed things up when you're in 15th place. The basis of the game is to win each race by kicking everyone's *** and Skitchin' (grabbing on the back of) cars. Between each race you can go to the store to get new gear which is recommended after getting hit by cars or slammed in the kneepad with some dude with a mohawk's hurtful metal pipe. The music in this game is extremely good for the time period it was made. Everything is old fashioned MIDI, but the music sounds like it was all produced by someone who's been producing Heavy metal for a long time. I wish someone made live cuts of a lot of these catchy moshpit-worthy songs. I only wish they made a new version that had today's graphics and live music.