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Space Hulk (Saturn)

Space Hulk (Saturn)
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Space Hulk for the Sega Saturn system.  The Imperium has steadily expanded over the last few decades. With ever-expanding borders, new threats constantly arise. Mankind's greatest threat is the Genestealers, a parasitic race that is constantly looking for new species to be hosts for their young. They travel from planet to planet in gigantic ships known as Space Hulks looking for easy targets. Now, they are heading for the Imperium. You take the role of a space marine and your job is to infiltrate a Space Hulk and stop the Genestealers. While you start the game as a rookie, you will eventually be put in command of a squad and will have to complete a number of mission objectives that range from planting bombs to item recovery. However, you will have to keep an eye out for the enemy, and blast them with an arsenal of weapons that include lightning claws, assault cannons, and grenade launchers. Protect humanity from the evil Genestealers in SPACE HULK: Vengeance of the Blood Angels.
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