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Splatterhouse (Turbo Grafx 16)

Splatterhouse (Turbo Grafx 16)
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Splatterbouse for the Turbo Grafx 16.  Home of the famed parapsychologist, West Mansion was referred to as Splatterhouse by all who knew the legends. Dr. West had a tendency to experiment in the supernatural, and he created atrocious creatures in his lab, perhaps some of the most gruesome experiments ever conducted. But no one knew for sure what was in there. Dr. West had not been seen or heard from in years, and anyone who went in didn't come out.

Rick and Jennifer were parapsychology majors at the local university, and were interested in the works of Dr. West. Deciding to visit the mansion, they entered, a flash of lightning, a scuffle, and a scream. When Rick awoke, he was covered in blood and Jennifer was gone, but the most horrifying aspect was a mask stuck on his face. The "Terror Mask," said to have ancient spiritual powers, is perhaps the only help Rick will have at helping Jennifer, if it isn't too late.
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