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Starcraft (N64)
Name: Starcraft (N64)
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  • Description

    Whether or not you belong to the countless masses addicted to the game's various PC installments, you're bound to get hooked on this all-inclusive N64 version. Offering real-time strategic gameplay in the truest sense, Starcraft 64 challenges you to handle a variety of tasks, all at the same time. In the 24th century, humans (otherwise known as Terrans) are in an all-out battle with two alien races: the Zergs and the Protoss. Play as any of the three races, each with its own unique weapons, vehicles, and warfare personalities. In order to succeed, you'll need to mine minerals and meld them into warships, vehicles weapons, and armor. Simultaneously, you'll be building and defending a base and an army, scouting the landscape for enemies, and organizing attacks of various sizes. The game includes all of the missions from the original PC game, as well as brand-new tasks, 60 levels in all. You can play alone or with a friend in a Cooperative or Head-to-Head mode.

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    trump card level
    by Ginole 07 Aug 2007

    I'm on the trump card level of the first episode. Where's psi emmitter, what do I do with it? I simply anhilated the Confed base (no big difficulty THEIR,) but, obviously, I didn't actually complete
    the level, because i didn't do anything with the psi emitter. So, WHERE IS IT???!!!


    Access Cheats 
    Cchoose Cheats from the Options Menu, then highlight the cheat and press the A Button to  
    mark it with an X. 

    Extra minerals and gas 
    Episode 5, Terran Mission 7, Patriot's Blood  
    Surround the bear in the upper middle section of the ma to get the cheat. 

    Faster Building cheat 
    In the first level of the Zerg campaign, go down into a corner after you save the first two hives to find  
    the Mega Build cheat disc. Simply touch it to unlock a cheat to make your build faster.

    Invincible Units 
    Complete the first three episodes.

    Tech Tree Cheat 
    Where found: Episode 3, Protoss Mission 6, Into the Darkness  
    Go right and down to the first open area, then stay to the left and walk to the end of the path to get a  
    message about "sacred ground". Wait for about 20 seconds to activate the cheat. 

    Turn off fog of war. 
    Episode 4, Protoss Mission 3, Legacy of Xel'Naga  
    Capture the flag to the north of your starting base.

    Unlimited mana 
    Complete all 56 missions in the episodes.

    Unlock all research 
    Episode 2, Zerg Mission 5, The Amerigo  
    Have Karrigan walk to the left of the cell with the animals in it.

    Unlock all upgrades 
    Episode 1, Terran Mission 4, The Jacobs Installation  
    Locate the guy in orange to unlock the cheat.