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Street Sk8er (Playstation)

Street Sk8er (Playstation)
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Take to the streets on one of ten stylin' boards in the first skateboarding game for the PlayStation, courtesy of Electronic Arts and Micro Cabin. Two variations of play include the Street Tour Mode, where you skate through three 3D courses trying to pull off as many tricks as you can within a time limit, and Free Skate Mode, where you either play for points or practice your moves without worrying about the clock. 

Skaters can also play against a friend in Versus Mode to see who can pull off the most tricks. Street Sk8ter features 200 different moves and combinations to perform while racing, each of which earns your skater points depending on its level of difficulty. Of course, if you wipe out, you'll have points deducted from your score. Three other "traditional" areas are available, including a Half-Pipe, Big Air and Bowl. 
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this game rocks by Op ivy fan 05 Jun 2008
this game rocks, the music is the best you'll find on any game and the game isn't that bad either.

to play as jack by mellineum rebel 05 Jun 2008
to play as jack: snowboarder

at main screen press l1,r2,r1,l1,l2. then start select you should hear a man say " i am the greatest "

What's the name of musics by ((RYAHPUNK)) 04 Jun 2008
What's the name of musics,,,Less Than
Jake, Plastilina Mosh, Weston,
H2O, All, Straight Faced,
The Pietasters, I Against I,
and Gas Huffer...

pleasy help-me...
thank you...((RYAHPUNK)) from Brazil

harpoon the whale by 4444444 04 Jun 2008
harpoon the whale for extra cheese, dont fly on top of the kakokako bird or the moooooooozop will eat your face!!!.

this game by yo mama 22 May 2008
this game is so stupid few. barnie out does this game by tons of graphics and i would rather play it than this game.