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Strider 2 (Playstation)

Strider 2 (Playstation)
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STRIDER 2 is a side-scrolling slice- and dice-'em-up that moves at a deliberately fast pace. Playing as Strider Hiryu, your moves are pretty simple slash, slide, and wall climbing which lets you concentrate more on having fun. Your goal is to make it through five major levels each capped with a deadly boss, and still have all your arms, legs, and personal effects intact. Included with STRIDER 2 is the original STRIDER, which many of us spent all our paper route earnings on when it ruled the arcades in the late 1980s.
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Awesome Game by Jessica Wilson 07 Aug 2007
If you've been waiting for a sequel to Strider,one of the best games ever, your wait is over. Even though Strider 2 is a strategy/adventure type game, it defines a new region of Capcom games. If you think that adventure type games are old-fashioned, you got another thing coming! In Strider 2 you play in a 2-d fashion, while the backgrounds are 3-d like. The cutscenes are anime-like, which adds a little more to the plot. You play as a extrordinary, high-energy Strider ninja, named Hiryu. He travels through a world filled with darkness, hatred, and leaded by a evil man called the Grandmaster. Hiryu's mission is for him to defeat all enemies on his way to defeat Grandmaster. Music: 9, Graphics: 9, Gameplay: 10, Plot: 10, and Character design: 10
(if anyone knows what the cutscenes say ,because they are in Japanese, please feel free to e-mail me at