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Super Breakout (Atari 5200)

Super Breakout (Atari 5200)
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As with most of the Atari 5200 launch titles Atari rolled out, this version of Super Breakout is essentially the same as the version released for Atari 400 and Atari 800 computers (whose central processor is the same as used in the 5200). In fact, until Atari later substituted Pac-Man as the pack-in game, Super Breakout was included with every Atari 5200. Yet the big difference here is the 5200's lack of a paddle controller. The joystick is a poor substitute for a knob, especially once the ball starts zipping around the screen at top speed; some homebrew 5200 paddles have hit the market in recent years to rectify this situation. It could be argued that had Atari included Pac-Man, rather than Super Breakout, with every new 5200, it might've stood a better chance against the Colecovision's one-two punch of an Atari VCS adapter as a launch accessory, and Donkey Kong as its own pack-in title.
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