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Super Punch Out (SNES)

Super Punch Out (SNES)
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Slug your way through the grueling and sweat-pounding matches of the minor, major, and world circuits. Dodge bone-crushing punches and dance to the top of the supreme Special Circuit.  The famous arcade classic features innovative updates for the SNES. Challenge sixteen opponents in the Minor, Major, World and Special Circuits. Up to eight players can store their fastest knockout times, better their score or continue to the top. Spar against favorite foes from the arcade and NES versions as well as new and entertaining opponents.

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this is a game by matt jacobson 04 Jun 2008
this is a game that once you beat everyone, theres no challenge in it. sometimes if your bored you might get the urge to put it in, but once you start playing, you finally realize that your just bored and you really dont want to play. you really dont want to do anything. you end up getting a headache and then sit around the house doing nothing for the rest of the day, occasionally have similar urges to play your other boring games. come on, weve all been there.

Super Punch-Out by Disgustipated 22 May 2008
I am writing a FAQ for Super Punch-Out and am in the middle of making a site for it with my friend.

I have some record times of my own, if you want to know how I got these check out the site, if they aren't up yet E-mail me then.

Gabby Jay - 6'66"
Bear Hugger - 19'18"
Piston Hurricane - 6'16"
Bald Bull - 9'90"

Bob Charlie - 8'99"
Dragon Chan - 8'88"
Masked Muscle - 9'03"
Mr. Sandman - 26'37"

Aran Ryan - 11'37"
Heike Kagero - 13'82"
Mad Clown - 43'71"
Super Machoman - 29'16"

Narcis Prince - 45'31"
How Quarlow - 1'08'28"
Rick Bruiser - 57'09"
Nick Bruiser - 41'14"

I have not yet attempted to get a record score for Mr. Sandman, Mad Clown, Super Machoman, and the entire Special Circuit.

greatest game ever by Dane the king 28 Feb 2008
Hi, sure this is one of the greatest game ever. It's so easy, punch dodge and block.
If there is anyone who can take this times i'm interested in how he did it.
If there are wonderings in how i did it, you can mail me on the E-mail above.
Here are the times:
(sec) it took me a lot of time to get less than 20 sec on all...
Gabby Jay: 6.75
Bear Huggger: 17.64
Piston Hurricane: 6.16
Bald Bull: 10.82

Bob Charlie: 9.99
Dragon Chan: 13.45
Masked Muscle: 9.58
SandMan: 15.97

Aran Ryan: 13.43
Heike Kagero:12.55
Mad Clown: 14.35

Prince: 14.64
Hoy Quarlow: 18.02 (the worst time of all.)
Rick: 12.30
Nick: 12.80

You can actually knock out Narcis Prince so it counts to 10....did you know that? Did you know that the counter for wins only goes to 255?
Try to beat the records on Nick and Rick

Fastest Times by Preston 07 Jan 2008
here are all my fastest Times
Minor Circut:
Gabby jay: 0'14"50
Bear Hugger:0'29"77
Piston Hurrcane:0'06'69
Bald Bull: 0'30"43
Major Circut:
Bob Charlie:0'30"13
Dragon Chan:0'26"99
Masked Muscle:0'27"43
World Circut:
Aran Ryan:0'37"30
Heike Kagero:1'05"50
Mad Clown:1'12"09
Super MachoMan:0'44"96
Special Circut:
Narcis Prince:0'28"37
Hoy Quarlow:0'59"71
Rick Bruiser:1'08"65
Nick Bruiser:0'44"56

and those are all of my best times can u do better??

Great Website by Tony Myers 26 Oct 2007
Hey, now this is a great website. Was Super Punch-out 2 ever made for any game system? Also by the way it was cut off but the E-mail address was