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Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube)

Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube)
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Tales of Symphonia, exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube, is Namco's latest chapter in the Tales universe. A fully immersive 3D experience comes to life as an adventure unfolds that will place the existence of two worlds in the balance. Featuring high-quality Anime cutscenes and character designs by renowned artist, Kosuke Fujishima, the real-time 3D battles, formation attacks and combos, and customization of character abilities round out a fabulous epic.

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bODAggnzBtaIdMnejx by Babacan 25 Apr 2012
I have one of those knockoff mincahes that play both NES and SNES games. My genuine garage-sale NES was a blinking worn-out beast, and I needed another machine that worked better, like the top-loader I have now. Having a SNES slot was a bonus, but now there's one that plays those two game families plus sega genesis too. Cool.There are still tons of carts out there at least in North America and they seem to last forever. The mincahes do wear out though. It's a cost-effective replacement for me, because a working NES (and especially SNES) are quite a bit of money on eBay.With today's technology, I'm sure there's next-to-nothing inside these consoles today, so it's quite easy to emulate two or three consoles in a single unit. Even my old trusty Commodore 64 computer was recently reworked onto a single chip and sold as a plug-and-play device:


REAL TIME 3D BATTLE SYSTEM: One of the fiercest, most action packed battle systems ever created with hundreds of special attacks, spells, and combos. Up to 4 players can control all the members of your party during battles. 

AN EPIC ADVENTURE: Over 80 hours of gameplay in this epic, emotionally charged storyline. 

A 3D MASTERPIECE: Beautiful cel-shaded graphics by renowned artist Kosuke 

ADAPTABLE CHARACTERS: Fully customizable character growth system to suit your fighting style - where the storyline changes based on the characters' relationships. 

UNPRECENDENTED VARIETY: Dozens of mini-games and side quests.