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Tarzan (N64)

Tarzan (N64)
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We could call it a platform game if it wasn't 3D, but it still looks like a platform game. Much alike to "Lion King" only seeable made of polygons. This little arcade game puts you in a role of Tarzan, a soon-to-be king of the jungle, leads you to a bunch of quest levels where you can collect coins, map pieces, 'TARZAN' letters and other stuff, as well as call you monkey friend from time to time that'll give you a brief explanation of things flyin' around. After each completed level, there will be a brief animations that they've probably taken from Disney's cartoon.
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Great Game... controls a little confusing by Bill Belamy 02 May 2007
Tarzan is a 2D platformer with 3D graphics. You play as Tarzan, a man-ape, and you must get through 13 levels of swinging, sliding and fruit throwing. The game is really quite fun. There is lots to do in a level, and there are special levels like swimming in a lake, riding a pelican and in one level you can play as your friend Terk who is a monkey (Derr...). It is fun. There are alot of items to get, like the letters T-A-R-Z-A-N to get story scenes that string up the plot together, four pieces of a monkey picture to open up bonus levels, and lots of coins. You fight using fruit and a spear blade and there is a cool move which pounds the ground until it breaks. But one problem with all of this is that the controls are rather confusing, because every single button has a command and it is hard to remember each command.