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Test Drive 6 (Dreamcast)

Test Drive 6 (Dreamcast)
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The 6th game in the Test Drive line of games that started in 1987.  11 NEW tracks in exotic real world locations: London, Paris, Egypt, Hong Kong, Maui, Rome, Ireland, Tahoe, England, and the Caribbean. NEW environment specific sounds bring each track to life. Breakable Objects, In-road Obstacles, and Nerve-racking Shortcuts. NEW "All-Units" AI has the police working together taking you down in force. NEW economic racing system puts your credits where your mouth is. Purchase, upgrade, and stockpile cars in your custom garage. High-Impact collisions. HUGE jumps. Unpredictable cross traffic. Split-screen head-to-head racing
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Definate Must Have Game!! by a gamer 02 May 2007
Test Drive 6 is one of the better gmaes on the Dreamcast console. There are a wide selection of new and old sports cars and the tracks you race them on a splendid. the graphics in this game is another reason why this game is a must have. There are beautifu landscapes and all the obstacles in the oad cannot be run through like in other racing games. For example if you hit a stop light pole, you go from 120 mphs to 5 mphs. The gameplay is also a turn-on. In the race menu, you can choose from a single race, tournement race, a cop chase (where you are the cop and you try to arrest other racers), and challenges (where you earn money).

The only minor flaw in this game is the traffic. Sometimes when you a racing on the street, the traffic can be excessive and cause you to crash. Sometimes the traffic even swerves to hit you, causing you to crash or slow down a lot.

Even though the traffic is a pain, this game is excellent and is a definate must have!