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Third World War (Sega CD)

Third World War (Sega CD)
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Complete with original box and instructions


The moment all of humanity has dreaded has arrived:  you and your nation stand on the edge of total global conflict.  The decisions that will determine the fate of your country and the world rest in your hands.  If you succeed, the world will be at your feet, failure is too disastrous to contemplate.

This is the intense and nerve-fraying action of  THIRD WORLD WAR, a game of high-stakes international brinkmanship, economic power plays, and gunboat diplomacy.  As the leader of one of 16 nations, you must develop your economy and military in a bid for world domination among other countries bent on the same goal.

You'll have to adapt and alter your strategy based on realistic and ever-changing world events, and carefully plot each move on nearly 85 interactive scenario maps.  It's an international strategic challenge that isn't for the weak-kneed or the faint of heart!

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I am a strategy game nut! by KingDavis45 05 Jun 2008
LOL! Here I am thinking that I was the only person left on gods green earth that had played this game. I am a strategy game nut! I also regret selling my Sega CD for fifty buck also. I work for a major video gaming company and still to this date, they have not came out with a game in my opinion that stands up to the fun factor of Third World War. There is a computer game that was released that is similar to it though. It's called "Superpower". The world map and managing is close but with a little more micro-management. There's no little units to order around which sucks. Third World War still over shadows it though.

??? by Donny 18 Apr 2007
I own Third World War for the Sega CD. However I'm not sure how to play it as I don't have the manual, please help.

I am a Moron by Pedro 16 Apr 2007
I AM SUCH A MORON FOR GETTING RID OF MY SEGA CD..... This is one of the best games I have ever played.... Does anyone know where I can download it?

Need Help by Donny 22 Mar 2007
I own Third World War for the Sega CD. However I'm not sure how to play it as I don't have the manual, please help.

Rented by Pride Pride from Illinois United States
26 Aug 2006
I rented this game a few years ago and it is the best game I have ever played. The place I rented the game sold the game to someone and now I can't find it anywhere... THIS IS A MAJOR REQUEST... If you have the game and want to sell it, please send me an e-mail so that we could get in contact.

Thanks in advance to my suplier.