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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (Playstation)
Name: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (Playstation)
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  • Description
    One of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 builds on the addictive gameplay of the original by adding many new tricks and features. The idea is still to perform complicated tricks for points, and players can still ride as Tony or any of an expanded roster of pros in the new game. Now, though, players can create their own skaters from scratch, selecting appearance, gear, clothes, and more. Players can also create their own ideal skate park by instantly building ramps, rails, pipes, and other challenging obstacles. All of the old tricks remain, with hundreds of additions. Of course, with all of those new tricks to master, there are also more detailed accidents: scraped knees, broken boards, and wall and (ouch!) pole collisions.

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    let me know this on little thing
    by Mike 21 May 2008

    Yo, i mailed you guys two times so far with no responce please just let me know this on little thing i beat the game wit Tony Hawk and it said that i unlocked McSqueeb , but where is he? i cant find where he is so i can skate wit him
    please write me back this time

    a question
    by Mike 21 May 2008

    This is neither a review, tip, or cheat, it is only a question.
    Every time i clear every level with a skater it takes the longest time to get those two $moneys$ above the top ledge on the flag poles surrounding the ring. I want to know if their is any easier way to get the money besides just earning lots of speed anf gettin up there.

    I am a little confused
    by Mike 21 May 2008

    I am a little confused. I do not have playstation, i have Dreamcast but this site is the only one that tells me how to unlock Spiderman.
    All i have to do is create a charicter and beat the game with my character, and i will get spider man.
    P.S. Please tell me if what i think is correct.

    secret area in Skate Heaven?
    by SkizzoPhreen 21 May 2008

    you all guys are pretty smart. but could somebody tell me, how to reach the secret area in Skate Heaven?

    Hallo nederlanders
    by Michiel 21 May 2008

    Hallo nederlanders.

    In level één moet je naar de helikopter gaan.

    Grind over de wiekens en er gaat een deur open



    • Sequel to the bestselling skateboarding game 
    • Play as Tony Hawk or another pro, or create your own skater from scratch 
    • Design your ideal course with the 3-D Skate Park Editor 
    • Choose from hundreds of new tricks and more realistic collisions 
    • Try the new Regular and Best Trick contests for up to 8 players