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Tourist Trophy (PS2)

Tourist Trophy (PS2)
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TOURIST TROPHY by Sony is a massive racing game for the PS2 featuring over 120 bikes and more than two dozen different courses. The game includes realistic handling and physics, so bikes act and crash just like the would in real life. TOURIST TROPHY includes over 120 different motorcycles, including bikes by Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMX, Ducati, and Triumph. The selection ranges from 125cc bikes to the heavy and powerful 1,000cc bikes, giving players a good range of speed and weight. Each of the bikes has its own distinct, unique look, with the game capturing as much of the real-life vehicle as possible. The 35 different courses are varied and challenging, requiring players to learn how to operate each vehicle quickly. The game has a number of different modes, but the main two are arcade and tourist trophy. Arcade mode allows players to race the clock, race three other opponents, or go against a friend in two-player split screen mode. Tourist Trophy mode is like career mode. Players begin as a novice racer and make their way through different tournaments and challenges until they emerge at the head of the pack. New bikes are unlocked by winning specific events in Tourist Trophy mode, as are other tournaments and courses. TOURIST TROPHY is a great, challenging racing game for players who enjoy motorcycle racing. The courses are challenging, the other racers are very good, and the game has a nice number of modes for gamers to master.
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  • Over 120 bikes to race
  • 35 different courses
  • Unlock equipment by Shoei, Alpine Star, Arai, and more
  • Includes some courses from the GRAN TOURISMO series.