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Turok Dinosaur Hunter (N64)
Name: Turok Dinosaur Hunter (N64)
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  • Description
    Did the dinosaurs' extinction squelch your dreams of hunting them down and killing them on your own? If so, then you're in for a treat as Turok journeys through eight massive levels of groundbreaking graphics and animations to do battle with prehistoric predators of all shapes and sizes. The 14 high-tech weapons that you'll use in your strides to obliterate the scaled beasts include knives, a Tek-Bow, a grenade launcher, a pulse rifle, a quad rocket launcher, and an atomic fusion cannon. This single-player adventure takes you through gorgeously rendered 3D worlds as you scale surfaces and swim underwater to take out razor-toothed raptors, triceratops, pterodactyls, and ... aliens? TUROK has lots of surprises up its sleeve, with additional obstacles like swinging logs, spiked branches, and crushing rockfalls. Sound difficult? At least you'll be able to pick up health, ammo, and weaponry along the way to give you a leg up on your enemies. Truly a revolutionary game, TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter has spawned several sequels and countless imitators, but there's just nothing like the original.

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    Hints and Cheats:

    Auto Shotgun in First Level 
    After you've killed the first two dinosaurs in the level, walk down the narrow passageway. When you reach the end turn to your left look up and you'll see a cliff lower than the rest of the cliffs climb up the wall directly underneath the cliff. When you get to the top you'll see a guy with a pulse rifle cannon, a box of shotgun shells. Defeat him, then enter the narrow passageway to get the auto shotgun.

    Beat the Campaigner 
    When facing the Campaigner (the final boss), take out your Particle Accelerator and start charging it. As you charge it the Campaigner should stall and stand still. Now fire it at him and change your weapon (the minigun and auto shotgun work well.)

    Even though he has a forcefield he'll start laughing as he blocks your attack. This leaves him open for your second attack. Repeat this process for an easy victory. 

    Cheat Codes 
    Enter these codes in the "Enter Cheat" menu. To use them, go to the Cheat Menu and enable the desired codes.

    All Weapons - CMGTSMMGGTS 
    Dana's Cheat - DNCHN (shrinks enemies) 
    Disco Mode - SNFFRR 
    Flight Mode - LKMBRD (use R and L to move up and down) 
    Gallery - THBST 
    Greg Mode - GRGCHN 
    Infinite Lives - FRTHSTHTTRLSCK 
    Pen and Ink Mode - DLKTDR 
    Purty Colors - LLTHCLRSFTHRNB 
    Quack Mode - CLLTHTNMTN 
    Robin's Cheat - RBNSMTH 
    Show All Enemies - NSTHMNDNT 
    Show the Credits - FDTHMGS 
    Spirit Mode - THSSLKSCL 
    Unlimited Ammo - BLLTSRRFRND

    Grenade Launcher in the Ruins 
    When you get to the temple with the save point on top, save then look around. Look to your side and you'll see a ten-point Life Force. Walk toward it and you should see a sparkling path. Follow it and you'll find the Grenade Launcher.

    Skip Across the Water 
    Basically, this little trick will allow you to jump on the surface of the water repeatedly to the other side. To do this, fall off the ledge toward the surface of the water, but tap the jump button as you hit the water. You should jump off the water! If you get the timing just right, you can jump right along the surface of the water!

    Ultimate Code 
    For level select, all weapons and much more, enter the code NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK at the "Enter Cheat" menu.