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Waverace (N64)

Waverace 64 (N64)
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If you love to race Jet Skis, but hate the water, you're in for a treat. Hop onto your Jet Ski and get ready for action as you race across the beautiful waters of nine different courses. Each distinct environment is carefully rendered, from Sunny Beach to Tokyo to the breathtaking Twilight City. Take your pick from four different racers, each with a fully customizable watercraft, and get racing against the computer or head-to-head with a friend. You may also choose an inventive Stunt mode, in which you'll need to pull off some really cool moves if you want to score points. Double flips, barrel rolls, and water dives are there to help you notch the victory. Featuring some of the best graphics the N64 has ever played host to, Wave Race 64 is packed to the hilt with options, allowing you to save all of your preferences for future games as well. The tracks are packed with obstacles, from ramps and checkpoints, to waves of varying sizes, making your challenge all the more difficult. If Jet Skis make your heart race, this is as close as you can get without getting splashed.

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