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Way of the Samurai (PS2)

Way of the Samurai (PS2)
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Way of the Samurai is set in the year 1878. The collapse of the Tokugawa Shogun ate and the rise of the Meiji Restoration Era has brought an end to the Age of Samurai. For centuries, Japan has remained untouched and separate from other cultures. But now Westerners have finally arrived on the island nation, rocking a culture that has developed in seclusion over hundreds of years. Born to a time that no longer needs or welcomes them, these samurai are a far cry from the heroes and legends that preceded them. This is a story of the Way of the Samurai in their final days.

In the game, the player takes on the role of a wandering samurai who is drawn into a conflict between the Kurofu family and the Akadama Clan over an iron foundry. As the player meets the both sides in the dispute, the player will begin to make the choices that will shape the outcome of the conflict. Deception and betrayal are tools at the player's disposal, but ultimately
combat will be the final deciding factor.

Featuring a new and dynamic combat system, sword-based combat is at the heart of Way of the Samurai. As the adventure begins, the player has his own sword and basic knowledge of its use in battle. As he moves through the game, the player become more adept at using his sword and learns new attacks. The player also has the ability to pick up dozens of different swords, each representing a different fighting style. With attacks specific to each sword, it requires a true samurai to master all the swords and their individual attacks. Additionally, sword combat is not simply a matter of hacking and slashing. Timing, blocking and balance all play equally important roles.

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Secret Sender by Jamie Brewin from Missouri United States
25 May 2005
Tip 1: If somebody from the Kurou Family is attacking you, be sure to get a good sword with lots of durability because the Kurou members block most of the time.

Tip 2: Any boss is easy to defeat when you have learnt their weaknesses.

Tip 3: Higan is the strongest sword and Dull Swords are the weakest.

Tip 4: Hyuga isn't an Akadama Clan person, he is a spy sent by the Meiji Government.

Tip 5: Chelsea is the toughest character on the game to defeat so be aware if you are from the Government or the Kurou Family.

Tip 6: When in Amaguri the restuarant if you are having a meal and the weird afro guy says how does it taste? just say be queit and eat and you can skip the whole talking session.

Tip 7: Head over to the Foundry and kill 100 men to get 10 yen.

Tip 8: Dojima the swordsmith can fix up your sword.

Tip 9: Inokashira the Cowardly Policeman will always attack you with a huge man named Jose.

Tip 10: If you join the Government, Suzu the weak girl will kill you.

Tip 11: If you do all your jobs well you get a lot of money.

Tip 12: There are 71 types of sword in the game.

Tip 13: Head over to the back of Amaguri where the old man will be hanging around if you kick the ground your life will be fully restored.

Tip 14: There are only 2 swear words in the game.

Tip 15: When you unlock Battle Mode, the last people you will get are Suzu and Kurukichi (the crappy old man).

These facts were submitted by --------- and the only way to find out my name is by sending me an email at: then look at my profile. The first 5 people that send me an email saying ERTYU 887 will get a free lesson on how to master the way of the samurai in 10-20 mins.



* Choose one of four samurai in this Multi-Path adventure. Your "moral" choices 
determine the outcome of the game. 

* Fight in a true 3D environment. Acquire new swords from enemy warlords and learn new 
fighting stances and styles. 

* Head-to-Head Sword Fighting allows you to test your fighting skills against a friend.