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WCW Nitro (N64)

WCW Nitro (N64)
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Are you ready to take on the wrestlers of the WCW? You'd better come prepared, as WCW NITRO features 64 playable WCW characters, 48 of which you'll have to unlock in order to take into battle. Play as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, Nash, or any other brawler you can think of. You'll also be able to step into seven distinct rings, including NWO, Nitro, American Bash, and Halloween Havoc. With seven different modes of play, you can crank up any scenario you could possibly imagine with up to four players taking part in the action. If multiplayer is your thing, you'll enjoy the inclusion of four such modes, including the popular Royal Rumble. Each fighter has a list of unique moves based on those of his real-life counterpart, and all of the moves are depicted in amazingly accurate detail. Just to add to the excitement, WCW NITRO is Rumble Pak compatible, so you can literally feel every body slam and clothesline. Think you can match up with the bad boys? It's time to find out.



Hints and Cheats...

Call For Backup
Press the Z button at any time during the match to cause a run-in to occur.

Unlock Hidden Wrestlers
Beat the Tournament Mode with any wrestler on Normal or Hard and you will unlock a hidden wrestler. Each character will
unlock a different wrestler, so try beating the game with everyone for the maximum lineup.

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