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WCW NWO Thunder (Playstation)
Name: WCW NWO Thunder (Playstation)
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  • Description
    You will find all of the most popular superstars in the game, with 32 wrestlers that are available from the start and 32 more that can be unlocked, for a total of 64. Each of the wrestlers has a set of unique moves, in addition to the pool of universal attacks. Your favorite wrestlers like Ryan Laster, Rick Budniewski, and The Mask Avenger. There are plenty of real-life arenas to play in as well, giving you the feeling of participating in the real events. There are plenty of amenities unique to each wrestler, such as intro music and video, crowds that yell character-specific remarks, and customized costumes. You can grapple in 11 different modes, including fan favorites such as Heavyweight Championships, Tag Team, and Cage Matches. And with two-player support for some modes, WCW/NWO THUNDER contains everything that wrestling fans have come to expect, with enough side attractions to keep any player busy.

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