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Wild Arms 2 (Playstation)

Wild Arms 2 (Playstation)
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Return to the world of Filgaia, where you'll follow the rich story of three protagonists: Ashley, Liluka, and Brad. Ashley is a gun fighter with intimate knowledge of ancient technology. Liluka, a sorceress, is sweet and innocent but packs a powerful parasol that easily dispatches enemies. Brad, a pensive ex-soldier, roams Filgaia with a rifle and a rocket launcher. Wild Arms: Second Ignition is a sequel, but you needn't have played the first to understand it. This role-playing game features all new characters and is packed with quests, side quests, and plenty of battles. The world of Filgaia is rendered in 3-D, and you can rotate the field map to help find traps and treasures hidden within the landscape. Also, the game allows you to avoid fights whenever you want, so you'll have the strategic benefit of picking your battles.
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I think this game is the best one for the playstation yet by mark miller 04 Jun 2008
I think this game is the best one for the playstation yet I hope they come out with a third one I really liked the gameplay and the chacters espically brad because of all of his guns,rocket launchers,lazers

Hi guys.. by Jean Bernard 04 Jun 2008
Hi guys..
I would like to know if you can give me some websites on which I will be able to download the "Wild Arms 2 Intro Soundtrack"Thank you...

need a little help..... by unique 22 May 2008
i don't have anything to submitt but i need a little help.....
k this may sound stupid but what is the code for the door at the terriost hq?

you know after Slayheim castle......i can't get it for the life of me so can somone help??


tips by Jordan Squires 22 May 2008
tip1: if you find yourself running low on exp. and are loosing all your fight, then go to Damzen city, and around the beach there, you SHOULD find a luck card (works well if you are in the coffen of 100 eyes againts the Arms Killer...)
tip2: you you have about 2000 HP for tim and lilka, and 3000-4000 HP for brad/ashly, go to the southern part of the map with your hovercraft. there you will find a small area with level 40-45 monsters that give 2000 or so exp. you will also find a coin purse...2X the $ you get 1/3 the time! (oh, and if you are low on cash, go there, your looking at 3000-4000 bucks...WITHOUT THE PURSE!

Monsters by Sigit 06 Mar 2007
I have fought with 7 terrible monsters inside the strange pyramid in 7 differrent places. 5 monsters have items that increase hand to hand attack for Ashley, Brad, Lilka, Tim, and Kanon. The most difficult monster I mentioned above is Xenon Ray monster in Slayheim Castle. My suggestion for beating it are :
1. Wear light ring for Ashley, Tim, and Lilka.
2. Do not attack it with physicall attack but attack with Combine Guardian of darkness.
3. The light ring is used only to halfed its xenon ray attack.
The other monster are Demon King in ... ah I forgot the place, it is a prison beside halmetz and Sylvaland Castle. Beware of its 7th Moon attack. The item i have got from it is force unit. You can double your force if you wear it.
The last and the most powerfull monster is Ragu o ragula. I found it inside mine in Holtz. This creature is so strong. My suggestion are :
1. Fight with Ashley, Tim, and Brad.
2. For the first round you have to defend your Ashley and Brad, and make invicible for Tim by special command Guardian of love because it will attack with 1 Trillion degrees.
3. For another round make Tim invicible always. It makes an center of the monster's interest, so you can attack it with Ashley and Brad.
4. If the monster injured so much, it will change its attack. Not 1 Trillion degrees, Black nova, Smithreen and void effect any more, You must attack it wih Lilka.
5. Wear talisman and Guardian of love. If your force are 100, atack it with dual cast for Irresist until its magic resistance become 1. During this action, You have to make Lilka invicible so your talisman can cure Lilka automatically. Repeat this action until its magicresistance become 1.
6. Now attack it with dual cast Slowdown. If Lilka's speed is more than its, revive your Ashley and Brad.
7. With Lilka's mystic mega berry, Brad ARM's attack and Ahsley's Mad Lucied, you can kill it.
The item from this monster is "a symbol of Legendary Hero". It boost your parameter and act like all elemental rigs. GOOD LUCK AND HAVING FUN !!!!