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World Destruction League (PSX)

World Destruction League (PSX)
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What's wrong with destruction for the sole sake of glory? Who says there's something wrong with you if you like to induce mass carnage just because it's fun? Taking place in the bleak futuristic world of the BATTLETANX series, WORLD DESTRUCTION LEAGUE: Thunder Tanks veers from the aforementioned titles in that it challenges you to compete for a tournament championship, rather than for women. You'll face off against nine powerful opponents in you quest for the title, each with a unique personality, distinctive weaponry, and level of intelligence. Each destructive tank that you face will require a different combination of forceful weaponry to outdo, but you'll have lots of artillery in your bag of tricks to help you out. Color commentary makes the game feel much more like a real tournament, and the detailed graphics in each environment serve to make the game all the more realistic. If thoughtless terror for the sake of pure fun is up your alley, you'll love WORLD DESTRUCTION LEAGUE: Thunder Tanks.

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The game includes: killer 3D environments

Nine enemies

High AI

Massive destruction

And two-player action.