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World Series Baseball 2K2 (Dreamcast)

World Series Baseball 2K2 (Dreamcast)
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Endorsed by two-time Cy Young Award winner and Boston Red Sox All-Star pitcher Pedro Martinez, "Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K2" delivers the same level of true-to-life gameplay and graphics that gamers have come to expect from Sega Sports. Hot and Cold Zones illustrate batters' strengths and weaknesses, which takes the art of pitching to a new level. Also included this year are new gameplay modes, such as Home Run Derby and Franchise mode, as well as the new, fully controllable Instant Replay feature, which lets players relive all their favorite plays. With deep, authentic gameplay, players will feel like they are in the dugout and in full control of the game as they create, trade and sign free agents, edit the pitching staff and adjust starting lineups in Franchise, Exhibition and Season modes. Today's hottest players have their pitching wind-ups and batting stances incorporated into the game and the players' abilities are based on real-life ratings. "World Series Baseball 2K2" will display Major League Baseball players in unbelievable detail from their trademark accessories like batting gloves and eye black right down to the wrinkles and folds in their uniforms. Even the stadiums are sculptured to perfection with every realistic detail incorporated. To further increase the game's realism, Ted Robinson, voice of the San Francisco Giants, delivers insightful and colorful commentary on the game. True to the Sega Sports lineup, "Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K2" supports online gameplay, allowing gamers everywhere to play against each other via the Internet in true head-to-head Sega style.



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The dominance of the Sega Sports line continues with World Series Baseball 2K2. Are you ready to step up to the Bigs and take on one of the most advanced baseball games ever? WSB 2K2 combines deep simulation gameplay with a fast-action arcade feel. All the Major League teams and ballparks are here, and are rendered in breathtaking 3D. With WSB 2K2, all other baseball games will seem like a round of tee-ball.

Sega Sports brings online gaming to the majors with World Series Baseball 2K2!


In true 2K2 spirit, WSB 2K2 now supports online play and chat. Want more? Drop those  over-priced nachos and dig into WSB 2K2's all new fielder controls, ultra-realistic animations,  home run derby, and perfectly rendered teams and stadiums. Wanna get out of the bullpen and into the action? Get online and play ball. WSB 2K2 - this is the way baseball was meant to be played.