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WWF Warzone (N64)

WWF Warzone (N64)
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Are you prepared to brawl with the giants of the WWF? Choose from 16 of your favorite superstars, including Triple H, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, and more. If none of those guys suits your fancy, you can even make your own: create your wrestler's name, appearance (down to the hair, outfit, and body type), special moves, personality, theme music, strength, speed, recovery, and charisma. The game's nine different modes include WWF Challenge, Versus, Weapons, Royal Rumble, Gauntlet, and four others. WWF Challenge has you rising through the ranks, trying to gain the Intercontinental Belt, then the WWF Heavyweight Championship; Versus pits you against one wrestler in a standard match; Cage mode sets your match inside a steel cage, providing all sorts of raucous excitement; Weapons allows the use of foreign objects; and Royal Rumble places four wrestlers in the ring in an every-man-for-himself sort of match. If all of this is a bit overwhelming for you, warm up in Training mode, where you can practice any situation you think will help. With three camera angles, support for up to four players, three difficulty levels, and adjustable time limits, there's something for wrestling fans of all kinds.

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To use these codes you must first access the Basement Cheat Menu by pressing L, R at the Mode Select screen.

NOTE: Before doing this you must win the challenge mode in solo or vs. computer mode. You can't play against a human 

Access Sue the Ring Girl 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Bret or Owen Hart.

Access Trainer 
To play as the trainer, go to the trainer mode. He will be under create-a-wrestler in character select.

Beans Mode 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with either Headbangers.

Big Head 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Bulldog or Rock.

Call For Back-Up 
To call for random back-up, hold Z + R + L while playing. If you would like to choose a specific person, press the following 
buttons while you're holding Z + R + L:

     Thrasher: down + tieup 
     Hunter: right + tieup 
     Undertaker: right + block 
     Mosh: down + kick 
     Ahmed: up + block 
     Owen: left + block 
     Austin: up + kick 
     Faarooq: up + punch 
     Bret: left + tieup 
     Kane: down + punch 
     Shamrock: down + kick 
     Bulldog: left + kick 
     Shawn: left + punch 
     Rocky: right + kick 
     Mankind: up + tieup 
     Goldust: right + punch

NOTE: If you do call for back-up you will get disqualified and lose the match, but you can still beat up your opponent.

Dizzy Wrestlers 
In biographies, hold L and R at the same time. After about 5 seconds your wrestler will become dizzy.

Ego Mode 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Ahmed.

Extra Gold 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Goldust.

Ladies Night 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Shawn Michaels or Triple H.

New Duds 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Kane.

No Blocking 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Shamrock.

No Meters 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Undertaker.

Polished Mode 
Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with Kane or Steve Austin.

Random Wrestler Selection 
Having trouble finding a wrestler to fight with? Well I have a great code for you. It makes you be a random wrestler like the computer does. At the character select screen, Hold UP and press A. If you entered it correctly, the box will turn around and pick a wrestler for you.

Stone Cold Moves 
Have you ever wondered how to do the Stone Cold Stunner or the Tombstone? Here's how you do some moves; to do any 
finishing move your opponent's energy must be RED:

     Stone Cold Stunner: Tieup, Left, Left, Tieup 
     Tombstone: Tieup, Up, Down, Tieup 
     Mandable Claw: Tieup, Left, Right, Tieup

If you stay out of the ring while the back-up wrestler is pinning it will count as discualification. (Note:If you go back in the  
ring it will; but it will count as draw by double count out