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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)
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Get your face paint out and your game face on for Wrestlemania 2000. Over 50 of the top superstars of the WWF are ready to brawl in this take to the mat. If the regular guys aren't good enough for you, go ahead and create your own, you can build a wrestler from the ground up and give him any personality you'd like (down to taunts, appearance, and mannerisms). Brought to you by the same folks who created the popular WCW/NWO REVENGE, this one is a complete wrestling package: all of the characters, moves, options, and match varieties you could ever imagine. With awesome graphics and presentation, the ring entrances are simply unbelievable. You can pick your wrestler and throw down in Tag Team, Cage, and Weapons matches, as well as the standard modes you know and love. Weapons mode allows you to get foreign objects from the audience, and use the items to take your competition out. The centerpiece of the game is the Road to Wrestlemania, a story mode that deals with the reality of competing every week in order to make it to the big dance, Wrestlemania. Are you ready for the big time? You'll find out soon enough if you're not.

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Stone Cold's Smokin Skull Belt by HAT-RED 04 Jun 2008
Stone Cold's Smokin Skull Belt. Finish the road to wrestlemania as Austin and you will get his smokin skull belt in exhibtion.

is there really a palce to get the inferno match by Nelson 04 Jun 2008
is there really a palce to get the inferno match somewhere?cause i mastered everything in the game but all i need to do is unlock the inferno match

Who here actually by Someone 22 May 2008
SM2 is cool, but way too confusing. thats why I think it is crap. and, Who here actually got the inferno match and h*** in a cell match to work. I know it has it in the begining movie, but not in game. I heard all the web sites talk about it but they never said if they have it or it has been tested or something. Also, you can get rikishi by changing chaz.

tips by 64 Expert 21 May 2008
Most of these tips are wrong and do not work. There aren't any ladder or inferno matches on WWF 2000. You cannot play until Rikishi comes out cause he isn't on the game. You can create him. My husband & my daddy play the WWF2000 on daily basis .So please stop with the fake tips &cheats